Hi everyone and welcome to our blog. We set up EAP in Ireland last year after meeting at the 2017 Study Abroad conference which was held in University College Cork (UCC). After chatting over coffee, we soon realised that we shared the same passion and enthusiasm for EAP and both felt that there was no real platform currently available in Ireland for people involved in it.  Our vision was to create a community for those involved in academic English in Ireland in order to share resources, perspectives and research. And so, EAP in Ireland was born.

We loosely based our ideas and concepts about the organisation on the well established, UK based group, BALEAP .This ‘global forum’ bases itself on fostering support to the EAP community in terms of research, scholarships, teaching and learning.

Our hope is that we can develop this organisation and make it accessible to individuals involved in academic English in Ireland. We would love people to contribute; both in terms of research and material but also in terms of offering advice, support and guidance to others.

We have a dedicated committee who have willingly given up their free time to attend meetings in order to get this organisation up and running and they too share our passion. We look forward to you following our blog and updating you on all our events and workshops that take place. We hope that you might like to come along to some of our events too. You can sign up here for events.

Please feel free to follow us on social media. Our Facebook and Twitter Pages will give you all the information about upcoming events.

Julie and Jessica

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