EAP in Ireland aims to give those interested in English for Academic Purposes in Ireland a forum to develop perspectives, share experiences, establish best practices and apply research and in so doing, create an inclusive community for those interested in academic English within Ireland in any capacity.

The idea for the organization came about during the 2017 Study Abroad conference in Cork, Ireland. During a chat over coffee, Julie, having just moved back to Ireland from working in EAP in the UK, shared her ideas and observation. Jessica similarly had hopes for creating a community and organization after having studied and worked in EAP for the past two years in Ireland. As the conversation went on, it was clear that an organization was needed to support the growing EAP community. From this small idea, the gears started turning and the plan was set into motion as an effort to support an educational sector that is currently in the baby stages, yet on the edge of quick, enormous growth.