EAP in Ireland Conference

EAP in Ireland 2019 Annual Conference

English in Academic Contexts: Drivers of Collaboration, Innovation and Creativity

October 5, 2019

University College Cork

Plenary speakers:

Karl Kitching, University College Cork

Alex Ding, the University of Leeds

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Call for Papers

EAP in Ireland is delighted to announce its second annual conference, to be held at University College Cork on Saturday, 5 October, 2019. This year’s conference aims to investigate and discuss EAP within its broad range of academic and institutional contexts. The focus of the event is the changing nature of the interaction/relationship and drivers of collaboration between EAP and disciplinary colleagues; innovations in the teaching, learning, assessment and ethos of EAP; and the creative approaches and solutions EAP practitioners and researchers are championing and adopting in the face of a range of academic and institutional challenges.

We invite proposals for workshops, lightning talks, posters, and presentations addressing what drives us, as EAP practitioners and researchers, to forge fruitful collaborations with colleagues, and to apply creative approaches to maximise outcomes for learners and for colleagues. We welcome contributions that consider these themes in context, and that confront the structural challenges that face EAP practitioners as individuals and as a community.

We call for contributions on the challenges that may be faced by the learners with whom we work, from critical perspectives, or using a creative approach. Equally, presentations and workshops demonstrating a creative or innovative solution to learners’ challenges are welcome. There is also scope for the investigation of the motivations for and theoretical and practical underpinnings of such solutions.

As EAP extends beyond its traditional home in the academy, we invite proposals which investigate developments in EAP outside the university. The pathway sector, for example, can be a site of innovation as well as a focus for criticism of the impact of the neoliberal agenda on education in general, and on EAP in particular. These tensions and contradictions remain under-researched, and their critical assessment is of clear interest, particularly in view of the many under-reported innovations that take place in this sector. Furthermore, as a group under-represented in the research literature, EAP practitioners and their colleagues from the pathway sector and other non-university contexts are encouraged to submit proposals.

Some key themes which fit the conference’s remit are listed below, but EAP in Ireland is happy to consider any proposal which is in dialogue with the conference theme:

  • EAP and disciplinary epistemologies/pedagogy
  • Historical approaches to embedding EAP
  • EAP and/vs. ESAP
  • Academic literacies for a range of contexts and purposes
  • English in academic contexts: creative approaches and future developments
  • Embedded EAP
  • Critical EAP
  • Translanguaging in EAP
  • Learning, teaching and assessment for varied / varying contexts
  • Learning, teaching and assessment practices for disciplinary preparation
  • Content-led EAP
  • Language development and/vs. disciplinary orientation
  • EAP and the disciplines: fostering understanding, encouraging collaboration
  • Perceptions of EAP: overcoming academic and institutional silos
  • EAP in the pathway programme; the pathway programme and the institution
  • EAP in atypical contexts
  • Action research in EAP
  • Digital literacies for study preparation
  • Creative approaches to EAP in specific contexts

Prospective speakers should forward an abstract of not more than 350 words to conference organisers Julie Butters and Jessica Garska by 5 July, 2019. Speakers are also invited to attach a short biography of approximately 50 words, along with up to five key words, and an indicative sample of references. Please submit abstracts through the google form.

EAP in Ireland Overview:

EAP in Ireland is a professional network for those specialising in English for Academic Purposes in Ireland, and for the EAP community worldwide. It offers a platform which reflects and aims to develop the vibrant EAP community, and for the sharing of best practice and research from institutions at all levels of education.

A key aim of this national learning and teaching initiative is to build the visibility and recognition of EAP, and to highlight the key contributions and requirements of EAP in a range of educational environments and contexts.

The development of a variety of approaches to EAP for all disciplines through collaborative partnerships with educational organisations is a core value of EAP in Ireland, as is training, accreditation and community-building through events such as conferences and workshops.

EAP in Ireland 2018 Annual Conference

EAP as a Learning Community: New Directions and Opportunities

October 6, 2018

Marino Institute of Education, Dublin, Ireland

Times, speakers, chairs and other details subject to change.

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