2019 Conference Slides

We are delighted to announce that after a successful second annual conference, our released speaker slides can now be found on our website: https://eapinireland.org/eapinirelandconference/

You may also follow this link directly: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NecNSdfIAmi9i4F20kTT3DPYwmi8NT19?usp=sharing

We are also delighted to announce that some of our speakers will feature on our blog where they will write about their presentation. The first blog is expected to be released later this year, and an e-mail will be sent once this is posted.

2018 Conference Slides

A HUGE thank you to all the speakers who gave their permission for us to share their slides. We were very lucky to have such talks of such a high quality and a wide range of topics. This definitely made it such an insightful day! Please clink on  this link to view slide. 

A short blog of the day to follow shortly! We are now finally back in action after a well earned rest post conference! More to follow.

Call for Papers

Hi everyone,

The conference is steadily creeping up on us, so I thought I would remind all of you about the Call for Papers, as the deadline is just a few weeks away.

We are thrilled to be hosting our very first EAP in Ireland conference this October. The theme of the conference is EAP as a Learning Opportunity: New Directions and Opportunities. It will take place on October 6th at the Marina Institute, Dublin. We would love you all to spread the word to anyone you think would be interested in attending the event, particularly your own colleagues and institutions.

We would invite you to submit abstracts to be considered and also confirmation of your attendance to the event. As this is our first conference and with the organisation being quite new, it is paramount that we reach as many people as possible and to let people know that we exist. We also want to give individuals and institutions the platform to collaborate, learn and discuss approaches of EAP with each other. Undoubtedly, this conference will also be a major networking event, whereby people working in the industry can come together and get to know people working in the EAP sphere.

Primarily the EAP in Ireland committee are looking for proposals for papers, posters, workshops,  or panels engaging with the key debates and themes within the field at the moment, which include but are not limited to:

  • EAP to date: origins, state of the art, the future

  • Innovations in EAP Pedagogy: Approach, Method, Methodology

  • EAP teacher education

  • EAP management

  • Critical approaches to EAP

  • Curriculum and assessment

  • Language development and/vs. study readiness

  • EAP and the disciplines: fostering understanding, encouraging collaboration

  • The position of EAP within institutions

  • Developments of/in pathway programmes

  • EAP within post-primary education

  • Humanistic approaches to EAP

  • Action research in EAP

  • Corpus Linguistics and EAP

  • Digital literacies in EAP

  • EAP and creativity

    Speakers should forward an abstract of not more than 350 words (including type of presentation, indicative references and five key words) for the attention of conference organisers Jessica Garska and Julie Butters to conference@eapinireland.org by 5PM Friday, 6 July 2018. Along with their proposals, speakers should include a biographical note of approximately 50 words.


Hi everyone and welcome to our blog. We set up EAP in Ireland last year after meeting at the 2017 Study Abroad conference which was held in University College Cork (UCC). After chatting over coffee, we soon realised that we shared the same passion and enthusiasm for EAP and both felt that there was no real platform currently available in Ireland for people involved in it.  Our vision was to create a community for those involved in academic English in Ireland in order to share resources, perspectives and research. And so, EAP in Ireland was born.

We loosely based our ideas and concepts about the organisation on the well established, UK based group, BALEAP .This ‘global forum’ bases itself on fostering support to the EAP community in terms of research, scholarships, teaching and learning.

Our hope is that we can develop this organisation and make it accessible to individuals involved in academic English in Ireland. We would love people to contribute; both in terms of research and material but also in terms of offering advice, support and guidance to others.

We have a dedicated committee who have willingly given up their free time to attend meetings in order to get this organisation up and running and they too share our passion. We look forward to you following our blog and updating you on all our events and workshops that take place. We hope that you might like to come along to some of our events too. You can sign up here for events.

Please feel free to follow us on social media. Our Facebook and Twitter Pages will give you all the information about upcoming events.

Julie and Jessica