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Strategies for Successful Online Engagement Webinar

by Niamh Kelly, Founder of HippoEdTech LTD & Tigim (http://tigim.co/)

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Are you worried about the level of engagement you are achieving with online/remote teaching?

With over 3 years of experience delivering education fully online to 50,000+ students globally, Niamh Kelly has tried & tested a range of technologies to successfully engage learners. Technology can actually make your life easier, once you know what to use and how. Niamh developed an online Foundation Year programme, Hippo Campus, & has helped thousands of students to achieve the required IELTS scores & academic skills for university…without getting them to turn their cameras on! Niamh is now on a mission to show teachers how they can use technology to raise the voice of their struggling students, without the embarrassment of raising their hands.

In this two-part workshop series, Niamh will demonstrate the best tools to use & how you can incorporate them into your online or blended-teaching approach to EAP. These technologies, when used correctly, can be strategically used to maximise engagement between you and your students, as well as within their own peer groups. Even if your school returns to a face-to-face learning environment, technology can still play a strategic role in maximising engagement, learning and outcomes.

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Part 1 Recording: Link To Recording

In Part 1, Thursday, August 20th @ 6 pm, Niamh will demo technology that can increase engagement & how they can become part of EAP programmes. You will be given recommendations on what to use over the following week to assess for yourself.

In Part 2, Thursday, August 27th @ 6 pm, we will review your experiences of trialling some of the technology & get your feedback on how they can be used successfully for the changing landscape of EAP.

Online Assessments Webinar:


Rob Playfair, University of Liverpool, Secretary of BALEAP Testing, Assessment and Feedback SIG,

Fiona Orel, University of Reading, Convenor of BALEAP Testing, Assessment and Feedback SIG,

Wayne Rimmer, University of Manchester, Events Officer of BALEAP Testing, Assessment and Feedback SIG,

Please see their bios via the BALEAP webpage here: https://baleaptafsig.weebly.com/about.html

Wednesday 12th August 4pm-5pm

Location: the planet of Zoom (Sign up for the link here)


Rob Playfair: Link To Recording 

Fiona Orel: Link To Recording

Wayne Rimmer: Link To Recording

A huge thank you to Rob, Fiona and Wayne for offering to deliver a webinar on online assessments. In May, we hosted our first Discussion and Support group meet-up to give practitioners the opportunity to come together from various contexts to share their concerns, challenges, advice and support during what, for many people, has been a very intense time. For some, this intense time has required adapting to whole new ways of teaching and learning, and dealing with the pressures, realities and effects of the precarity of ELT and EAP profession. Colleagues raised a broad range of different questions and issues, and one of the recurring themes was the challenges of online assessment.

Since assessment informs so much of what we do – especially on programmes such as pre-sessionals – this concern is both understandable and urgent to address. This first webinar represents EAP in Ireland’s early efforts to disseminate best practice and share workable ideas on valid online assessment. Our thanks go, in the first instance, to Jeni Driscoll from the University of Liverpool, who suggested her colleague, Rob Playfair, could lead a useful webinar on this topic. We also thank Rob for agreeing to deliver the webinar at short notice!

We discussed the format of the webinar and decided that it could be based on the questions that practitioners in the community had during our discussion groups. Therefore, we collected questions from the community and forwarded them on to Rob. Rob kindly agreed to work with the questions we gave. We were delighted to hear from Rob that Fiona and Wayne would also be participating in the webinar to bring us perspectives from different contexts.

So we feel very lucky to be able to host this webinar, and really hope you are able to join us.

Also, please watch this space as we hope to continue hosting webinars on more of the challenges that have been raised in our meet-up sessions. If you would like to subscribe to our emailing list to stay up to date on our events, please email: info@eapinireland.org to be added.



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Cork Seminar Series


March 12 innovative teaching methods seminar series

Our April 28th workshop on EAP Curriculum and Assessment Development was a great success! Maxine Gillway’s slides are available here (curriculum) and here (assessment).

A few photos from the event: